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Overcoming Challenges in a Shifting Landscape - Building Resilience

Resilience is based on complex connections between social, environmental, and economic domains.

Building resilience has and continues to be central to the human endeavor. Extreme events have caused harm, shock, and suffering for centuries. At the same time, they have stimulated innovation, technological advancements, and adaptation—hallmarks of resilience under challenging circumstances.

Wanted: A Simple Measure of Success in a Complex World

Speaking at the World Bank, Ben Ramalingam, author of Aid on the Edge of Chaos set out a challenge to those working in the humanitarian and development fields: Move away from a narrow focus on what we think is important and take a more wide-angle approach to the issues we’re dealing with.

“Responses to complex challenges need to be adaptive,” he said. “Rather than strategies for best practice we should be looking at strategies for best fit.”

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