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7 Preliminary Lessons from the 2nd Climate-Eval Conference

The 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development has ended in Washington D.C leaving many evaluation questions answered and perhaps many more unanswered – even though it would be fair to argue that the conference did not set out to answer all questions associated with the evaluation of climate change and development.

Lesson 1: We Know How to Evaluate Mitigation

On Climate Change Targets, Indicators and Data in Post-2015 Agenda

The post-2015 development agenda is taking shape.

As expected, climate change takes a preponderant place on the blueprint designed to end poverty in all its forms everywhere in the period (2015-2030) and also ensure the overarching goal of sustainable development is achieved.

Is Climate-smart development and economic Prosperity Mutually Exclusive?

Many in the Climate skeptic community have peddled the notion that climate-smart development and economic growth are mutually exclusive. And too often, this narrative has dominated mainstream climate change debate.

With governments at all levels often preoccupied with delivering jobs, stimulating their economies and spurring competition, it might look like environmental and economic prosperity are mutually exclusively.


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