Complete Program of Environment and Climate Change Strand at AfrEA

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

For Climate-Eval members making it to Yaounde for the African Evaluation Association Conference and other practitioners interested in the climate and environment stream, here is the full program:

Wednesday, March 05, 11:00-12:30 PM: GEF Country Portfolio Evaluations - By the country, for the country, in the country or GEF Country Portfolio Evaluations - Case Studies of National Environmental Evaluation Capacity in Africa.Panelists:Bissrat Ghebru - Eritrea CPE, Mulubrhan Ghebreyohannes Mehretab- Eritrea CPE, Nyangi Chacha -Tanzania CPE, Gratian Bamwenda - Tanzania CPE, Bakari Asseid - Tanzania CPE.

Wednesday, March 05, 2:00-3:30 PM: Evaluating Environmental Impact Assessment Methods: Regional Perspectives: Evaluations d’Impact Environnemental et Social en Afrique Centrale : analyse comparative des procédures et perspectives d’harmonisation dans trois pays – Cameroun, Tchad et République Centrafricaine by Moumben, J.B, Contribution à l’élaboration et à la mise en oeuvre des mécanismes de surveillance et de suivi environnemental de chantier dans le cadre de la réalisation de grands projets :cas des chantiers préparatoires au projet de barrage Lom Pangar by Kamdoum, O, Revue des plans de suivi environnemental integer dans les rapports d’études d’impacts environnemental et social (EIES) approuvés : le cas du Cameroun by Emougou N.M, Environmental Impact Assessment of timber exploitation in private owner’s forest plantations byTchouakoinie, M.

Thursday, March 06, 11:00-12:30 PM: Evaluating Climate change adaptation and resilience: Evaluation de mise en oeuvre du projet de la Grande MurailleVerte au Sénégal by Diop, NdeyeFatou, Evaluation de la vulnérabilité et résilience des dispositifs d’approvisionnement en eau potable face aux impacts du changement climatique en zone soudano-sahélienne by Djakou, Y.R, Tracking adaptation and evaluating development- Young Farmers by Obengo, J, Towards the Utilization of National Climate Change Monitoring & Evaluation for Evidence-Based Negotiations and Policy Making Advisory: Learnt from Indonesia by Umi Hanik

Thursday. March 06, 2:00-3:30 PM: Challenges and Prospects of environmental evaluation in Africa. Panelists: Dabazou Yantio – CEA/Evaluation Specialist, Rob Van Den Berg -  Director of GEF IEO, Justin Nantchou - GEF Operational Focal Point Cameroon, Rakesh Nangia - Director Operations Evaluation African Development Bank

Friday March 07, 11:---12:30 PM: Ways forward for environmental and climate change evaluation in Africa: General Assembly for Climate-Eval members and all participants in the environment and climate change strand

Your participation in these sessions will definitely enrich discussion in significant ways, So should you be in Yaounde, please feel free to stop by.

You may check the full program here to identify the specific locations.


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