Honoring Excellence in Environmental Evaluation at AfrEA Conference

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Down Town Yaounde: Venue of 2014 conference

The GEF Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) promotes excellence in evaluation and is a leader in the field of environment, climate change and development evaluation with innovative methodologies and learning approaches. The African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) and the Global Environment Facility Independent Evaluation Office (GEF IEO) are pleased to announce they will honor the “Best Evaluation Paper - Environment and Climate Change Strand at the upcoming AfrEA conference March 3-7 in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The GEF IEO will offer the winner an air ticket, accommodation and per-diem to participate and present their paper at the 2014 International Conference on Evaluation of Climate Change and Natural Resources for Summer 2014 in a location to be determined.

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Environment and Climate Change Strand Background:

The AfrEA identified ten broad themes for the 2014 conference in Yaoundé, among which is the Environment and Climate Change Strand. The GEF IEO is the overall coordinator of this Strand. Thirteen lucky abstracts were accepted and will be presenting. The presentations are clustered by topic as follows:

  • GEF Country Portfolio Evaluations – In the country, with the country, for the country - Case Studies of Environmental Evaluation Capacity Building in Africa
  • Use of Evaluation and Knowledge Management for Environmental Policy Making
  • Evaluating Environmental Impact Assessment Methods: Regional Perspectives from Africa
  • Challenges and Prospects for Environmental Evaluation in Africa
  • Environmental Evaluation Community of Practice (Climate-Eval)  – In-person meeting at AfrEA 2014 - Charting our way forward

Broad Selection Criteria:

Participants of the Environment and Climate Change Strand are invited to submit their papers and/or presentations for consideration by a Panel of Independent Peers will be reviewing the submissions for:

  • Relevance of the Evaluation to Climate Change (Mitigation/Adaptation) or Natural Resource Management
  • Evidence-based Findings and Recommendations
  • Innovation in Methodological Approach and/or Implementation
  • Utility of the Evaluation
  • Presentation at AfrEA 2014 Conference

Global Environment Facility Independent Evaluation Office:

Created by decision of the Council of the GEF, the GEF IEO performs the following functions:

  • Ensure the evaluation function within the GEF
  • Set minimum requirements for monitoring and evaluation
  • Ensure oversight of the quality of M&E systems on program and project level
  • Share evaluative evidence within the GEF partnership

In 2008, the GEF IEO partnered with Bibliotheca Alexandrina to organize an international conference on Evaluation of Climate Change and Development in Alexandria, Egypt. The aim of the conference was to share experiences and best practices in the evaluation of climate change and development. One of the major outcomes of the 2008 conference was the creation of an online Community of Practice (CoP) known as Climate-Eval.   

This community of practice whose current membership stands at more 2000 is hosted by the GEF IEO in Washington DC. Members are a global network of monitoring and evaluation practitioners in government and development cooperation agencies, civil society organizations, and academia.
The CoP’s overarching goal is to establish standards and norms, support capacity development, and share good practices in evaluations of climate change and development and—most recently—natural resource management.

Central to the planned activities of the current phase is the organization of 2nd international conference on evaluating climate change and natural resources management in 2014.

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