Preparing Evaluation of the Future: Big Data, Modern Technologies, and Shifts in Global Development Priorities

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Independent Development Evaluation of the African Development Bank publishes a quarterly magazine eVALUation Matters on a variety of topics related to evaluation and development issues. The most recent issue discusses big data, modern technologies and shifts in global development priorities. Rapid advances in technologies resulting from the fourth industrial revolution and related digitization are changing the way information and knowledge are created, used, and shared. How have these shifts affected evaluation? How should evauators adapt to the proliferation of big data or blockchain encryption to avoid becoming obsolete? What do we need to harness and how? Read full issue here.

There is currently a call for submissions for the December issue, which focuses on the role of civil society in evaluation. If interested, please submit by the 01 September 2020 deadline. 

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