Evaluating Innovative Adaptation Approaches

The Climate Change Team of the Global Environmental Facility Evaluation Office presented the findings in evaluating climate change funds in the webinar "Adaptation in Practice: Evaluating innovative approaches under the SCCF, LDCF, and SPA". The Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF), the Strategic Priority for Adaptation (SPA) and the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) are funding modalities managed by the GEF that support climate adaptation measures.

The Climate Change Team which conducted the evaluation and presented is composed of Sara Trab Nielsen, Annie Roncerel, and Bjorn Conrad. A question-and-answer portion after the presentation allowed participants to interact with the presenters. The webinar was moderated by Ms. Anna Viggh, Senior Evaluation Officer and Climate Change Team Leader at the GEF EO. About 80 online participants from different parts of the world logged-on to join.

The webinar video-recording and presentation are now available online. The Climate Change Team has also answered the remainder questions that could not be accommodated due to time constraints.

A copy of the SCCF evaluation report is also available in the GEF EO website.

The webinar is one of the initiatives of the Climate-Eval community of practice to share good practices in climate change and development evaluation. To propose a webinar topic, send an email to the Climate-Eval moderator, Andrew Zubiri, at climate-eval@climate-eval.org.


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